Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is, while performing all our activities in accordance with legal obligations,

To increase customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements in time, economically and in full,

Adoptation of quality system management approach by all employees and ensuring continuous improvement in the sysytem,

Being environment conscious and making environmentally conscious production approach continuous. 

Our Environmental Policy

We undertake;

To ensure that HSE policy regarding HSE management system is understandable, applicable and sustainable for all employees and departments and take all necessary precautions accordingly,

To protect occupational health and safety of our employees whom we consider to be the most valuable resource, and in this regard to comply with all legal legislation about occupatiaonl helath and safety, especially to obey the rules for accident prevention and safety,

Specifying new goals and targets every year, to continuosly improve our HSE system and to be one of the pioneer companies in field of HSE for construction design, application, installation and commissioningof industrial plants, rehabilitation and and structural strengthening, all kinds of utilites and infrastructure works and manufacturing, application and installation of thermoplastic and thermoset products sectors,

Move in concert with all applicable laws and regulations to provide best quality services for our Client’s request and projects,

To provide safety of machinery, equipment and facilites we use in our activities and operational safety in process, services,

With the training programs we will organize, to help our executives and employees to comprehend their place and responsibilities in this system, to contribute to development of their responsibility and awareness,

To improve productivity by continuous improvement of health and safety management system,

To provide necessary resources for efficient operation of health and safety manageemnt system,

To make periodical audits to confirm that the HSE system is operated effectively,

To minimize the effects of potential accidents,

To create a good and effective communication channel reagrding HSE issues with public agencies, authorities, suppliers, sub-contractors, non-governmental organisations, local people, community and other stakeholders.